We care about the environment and our doing as much as we possible can to be come as sustainable as we can. 

- Our bottles are glass and are widely recycled everywhere.

- Our corks are synthetic and can be put into your compost heap or recycling bin.

Our postage materials...

- The cardboard box it arrives in as fully recyclable.

- The Green-Paq inflatable packaging bags made with OXO biodegradable material, but compared to many alternative forms of protective packaging they have a much lower carbon footprint. They are made with 95% OXO biodegradable plastic, meaning it starts to degrade once disposed in landfill. The bags undergo a two-stage degradation process. The first is Oxidative Degradation enhanced by a catalytic reaction. Once this has happened the second part is biodegradation in soil or a bio-active composting environment. The OXO biodegradable material is converted into CO2, H2O and biomass as the final remnant. A small proportion of the bag material is made from nylon to improve performance, which is not biodegradable.